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Ithaca Soap 17th Century Suds

Tired of itchy dry Skin? Allergies? We are here to help!

      Bar Soap           Beeswax Lip Balm                              Organic Skin Creams                Olive Oil Shampoo

   Bar Soap        Beeswax Lip Balm    Organic Liquid Soap    Organic Skin Creams    Olive Oil Shampoo


17CS-Ithaca Soap is the new name for our same super lathery, luxurious, skin conditioning, organic soap and body care with a new look. It's still us here at 17th Century Suds. 

What's happening NOW!

We have a good number of GREAT reviews! Thanks to all who participated.  The winner will be announced on Feb 26th right here.

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We are a environmentally friendly, socially responsible, palm oil and everything nasty FREE facility, since 1999. The ingredients list is below.